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Cozy and modern style for living room

Minimalist and multifunctional cozy design that can be used to divide spaces in the home. It has the ability to place portraits, ornamental plants, paintings, sculptures, and others.
Its dimensions are suitable for small spaces, very easy to build yourself (DYE) and low construction cost. Suitable for building on a CNC Router and its appearance and shape may vary depending on the user.
Treated pine.
1 1/2 inch.
Dxf, Dwg, Stl, Obj, 3ds.

Components and quantity


Partition for room description

Decorating a small room can seem like a challenge, but with a few ideas and practical tips, you can make it seem bigger and more functional. In this article, we offer you some creative ideas for decorating a small room, from color choice to furniture and lighting. In addition, we also provide you with some tips to make the most of your space and keep it organized. Read on to find out how to transform a small room into a cozy and stylish space!

Choice of colors and styles:
The choice of colors and style is essential when decorating a small room. In general, it is recommended to use light and bright colors to create a feeling of spaciousness. Pastel shades, white, beige, and soft shades of gray are great choices for wall painting. Regarding style, it is advisable to avoid large and bulky furniture, and opt for a minimalist style, with simple lines and without many ornaments. Furniture in light tones, such as white or beige, also helps to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Furniture and storage:
Furniture is a fundamental part of the decoration of any room, especially in a small room. In this case, it is essential to opt for functional and versatile furniture that allows you to save space and that adapts to your needs. Some options may include beds with built-in storage, built-in wall shelving, or wardrobes with sliding doors. You can also opt for multifunctional furniture, such as sofa beds or extendable tables.

Lighting and mirrors:
Partition room is Lighting as another important factor to consider when decorating a small room. It is essential to maximize the entry of natural light, and complement it with artificial lights that create a feeling of spaciousness and depth. Floor lamps and wall lamps can be great options to illuminate different areas of the room and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also use strategically placed mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space.

Conclusion and final tips:
Decorating a small room can be quite a challenge, but with a few ideas and practical tips, you can create a cozy and stylish space. Remember to choose light and bright colors, use functional and versatile furniture, maximize the entry of natural light and complement it with artificial lights, and use strategically placed mirrors. Also, don’t forget to keep the room organized and free of clutter to create a feeling of order and spaciousness. With these ideas and tips, you’ll transform your small bedroom into a practical and stylish space in no time!

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