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Laundry cabinet
Laundry cabinet 2

Cozy and eye-catching design for small spaces

Designed for the home laundry area, it can house or cover a standard washing machine, it contains a top for folding clothes and cabinets for storing cleaning utensils. Very easy to build and low cost, its dimensions may vary depending on the user.
The furniture is contemplated so that you can build it yourself (DYE) and the exposed wood painted with varnish gives it a striking and cozy touch.
American treated pine.
Quantity= 2 in stainless steel.
Quantity= 4
Dxf, Dwg, Stl, Obj, 3ds.

Components and quantity of materials to be used


Description of the laundry cabinet, design conceived for small spaces in the home

A laundry cabinet is a piece of furniture used to store and organize items related to cleaning and laundry. In this article, we present you with a detailed overview of laundry cabinets, their features and functions, as well as some tips on how to choose the right model for your home.

Description and characteristics:
A laundry closet is a piece of furniture used to store and organize items related to washing and cleaning clothes, such as detergents, fabric softeners, towels, and bedding. These cabinets are designed to maximize storage space in an area that is typically used for multiple purposes, such as the laundry room, pantry, or basement.

Laundry cabinets are available in different designs, styles, and materials, making them suitable for any type of decor and budget. Some laundry cabinets have only one door, while others have multiple doors and shelves for more storage.

Materials and finishes:
Laundry cabinets are made in a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and melamine. Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of laundry cabinets due to its durability and versatility. Wood finishes can vary from a natural to a lacquered or painted finish.

Laundry cabinets can also be made from metal, plastic, and melamine. Metal models can have a satin, brushed or chrome finish. Plastic laundry cabinets are lightweight and inexpensive and can be ideal for wet areas like laundry rooms. Melamine laundry cabinets are economical and durable and are available in different colors and styles.

Functions and uses:
Laundry cabinets have multiple functions and uses, making them ideal for a variety of spaces and situations. Some of the more common features include:

Storage: Laundry closets have shelves and compartments that are used to store items related to cleaning and laundry, such as detergents, fabric softeners, towels, and linens. Laundry closets may also have clothes rails, shoe racks, and laundry baskets.

Organization: Laundry closets can be used to keep the laundry room and adjacent areas organized and free of clutter. Items stored in laundry cabinets are designed to be accessible and easy to find.

Decor: Laundry closets can be used as an opportunity to add decorative elements to the room. For example, you can place plants, framed photos, decorative boxes or any other element that reflects your personality and style.

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