Drawer with shelf free DXF

Drawer with shelf free DXF

Free Custom Furniture Models in DXF Format Ready to Cut on CNC Router

Drawer with shelf free DXF
Drawer with shelf free DXF 2

Multifunctional style model ideal for small rooms, easy to build (DIY).

Components and quantity of drawer with shelf ready to build with American pine

Top view
Front view

Description of the drawer with shelf

The Drawer with Shelf is a functional piece of furniture that combines the practicality of drawers with the convenience of an additional shelf. This type of furniture offers an efficient storage solution for keeping a variety of items organized and within easy reach in a home or office space.

The chest of drawers with shelf is designed with resistant and durable materials, such as wood, metal or plastic, which guarantees its robustness and its ability to support the weight of the stored items. Its size and shape can vary according to individual needs and preferences, and the arrangement of the drawers and the shelf can be adapted to different configurations.

The main feature of a chest of drawers with a shelf is its combination of storage compartments. At the top or in a central section of the cabinet is an open shelf, providing additional space for displaying decorative items, placing books, displaying photos, or organizing items that you want to keep on display. This shelf can have an open structure or have side panels for added stability.

Directly below the shelf are the drawers, which are usually arranged in one or more rows. Each drawer is a separate compartment that slides out smoothly to allow easy and convenient access to its contents. Depending on the size and design of the chest, the drawers can be of different sizes and depths to accommodate items of various heights.

The chest of drawers with a shelf is an ideal solution for storing a wide range of items. In the drawers, you can store everything from clothes and accessories to documents, office supplies, toys, kitchen utensils and more. The shelf, for its part, can display decorative objects such as photo frames, potted plants, collectible books or any item that you want to highlight.

The versatility of the chest of drawers with a shelf makes it a practical option for different environments. In a living room, it can serve as a stylish storage piece to organize electronic media, such as DVDs and video games, along with decorative items. In a bedroom, it can double as a place to store folded clothes, jewelry, or accessories, while the shelf offers a space to display family photos or favorite books.

In an office environment, the drawer cabinet with shelf can help keep documents and files in order, while the shelf can house decorative items or frequently accessed files. In a studio space, it can be an efficient solution for storing art supplies, stationery and reference books, with the shelf used to display ongoing projects or inspirational material.

In addition to its functionality, the chest of drawers with a shelf can also contribute aesthetically to the environment in which it is located. Manufacturers offer a wide range of designs, finishes and colors to suit different decorating styles.

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