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Armchair for living room

Furniture designed for houses and small apartments, with a modern and minimalist design, easy to build and cut using the CNC Router system. It can be installed in rooms or rooms. The design contains spaces to store books or others of the user.

Its dimensions are standard designed for small spaces in the home, its striking white color evokes tranquility and the clean cut lines allow it to give greater hierarchy to the spaces where it is installed. For a greater ergonomic experience for the user, it is necessary to carry out the design with experts in furniture construction. The cushions can be built on a larger scale with respect to the size for better comfort.


WOOD TYPE: American Treated Pine SLIDERS: Quantity=8 SCREWS: 1 and a half inch. DOWNLOAD FORMAT FOR CNC: Dxf, Dwg, 3ds, Stl, Obj

Components and quantity


Armchair description

An armchair is a comfortable and welcoming piece of furniture, used to sit and relax. The armchairs are ideal for the home, office or any other space that requires a comfortable chair. Next, we will describe the different shapes, sizes, materials and styles that the armchairs can have.

They can have different shapes, the most common being rectangular, square, round and oval. The choice of shape will depend on the available space and the style of decoration of the room. Rectangular and square armchairs are ideal for larger spaces and to create a more structured look. Round and oval armchairs are ideal for smaller spaces and for adding a touch of softness to a room. There are also more special shaped armchairs, such as those that are egg-shaped or shell-shaped, which can be used as accent pieces in a room.

The smaller ones are ideal for small spaces or to complement other furniture, while the larger armchairs are ideal for large spaces or to be the focal point of a room. It is important to carefully measure the available space before choosing the size of the chair to ensure that it will fit properly in the room.

They can be made of different materials, the most common being wood, metal, leather, fabric, and velvet. The choice of material will depend on the style of decoration of the room, the available budget and the use that will be given to the chair. Wooden armchairs are ideal for rooms with a more traditional and rustic design, while metal armchairs are ideal for rooms with a more modern and industrial design. Leather armchairs are ideal for rooms with a more elegant and sophisticated design, while fabric and velvet armchairs are ideal for rooms with a more welcoming and comfortable design.

Some common styles include classic style, modern style, vintage style, industrial style, and rustic style. The classic style is characterized by sleek lines and high-quality materials, while the modern style is characterized by clean lines and minimalist materials. The vintage style is characterized by the use of old materials and retro objects, while the industrial style is characterized by the use of hard and unfinished materials. The rustic style is characterized by the use of natural and unpolished materials.

Additional characteristics
Common features include additional seat and back cushions, footrests, armrests, reclining mechanisms, and massage systems.

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